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Information Technology Seminars

Co-operation in education and vocational training
Certified Center of Business Training Recognised by the Ministry of Labour

Information Technology is a tool for everyone. If you need training in IT to either pursue your professional goals or improve your skills, you can refer with trust to our well-acknowledged Business Training Center regardless of your technical background. Take part in our FREE consultation meetings where you can find out more about our programs and discuss your needs.

  • small groups (4-6 people), open computer lab all day, library, free Internet
  • Possibility of state funding for staff training
  • Possibility of state funding for the construction of a business web site
  • Possibility to participate in subsidized European Programs of KEK-KEA (Leonardo)
  • Application of IT for businesses, consultation and staff training.
  • Seminars adapted to fit special needs of our clients
  • Career and Studies Advice
  • Seminars in Greek and English
  • Normal and intensive courses

Basic Seminars:
  • Windows, MS Office short course: introduction to Windows, Word, Internet (12 hours, 75 euros)
  • IT basic principles: windows 1, basic MS Office, Internet (24 hours, 150 euros)
  • Word -Excel advanced: (24 hours, 170 euros)
  • Windows advanced: windows2, hardware management, networks & troubleshooting (24 hours, 210 euros)
  • Access 1: basic principles of databases, tables, forms, queries (24hours, 150 euros)
  • Access 2, advanced: form design, relationships, queries, macros (24hours, 210 euros)
  • Power Point: everything about Ppoint presentations (12 hours, 75 euros)
  • Internet 1: email, basic principles of Internet, search engines, electronic trade (24hours, 150 euros)
  • Internet 2: web page design (24 hours, 210 euros)
  • MS Office for students: attention to MS Word and essay presentations (24 hours, 170 euros)
  • AutoCAD, Photoshop: upon requirement
  • Multimedia: upon requirement
  • Other seminars depending on requests.

    Choose the seminar that best suits you.

Acquire valuable knowledge from experienced and specialized tutors.

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