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Orthodox Icon Painting in Crete

A creative seminar, which will bring you at direct contact with the more than a thousand years old Icon Painting Art tradition in the Greek orthodox religion. 'Iconography' in Greek means to "write an Icon". All holy paintings have stories 'written' on them, they have messages for us, whose origins we can find in the old Roman past and first Christian times, as well as in the traditions of the small Cretan villages. The seminar will guide you through this history, show you extraordinary examples of art and give you an idea of the importance of Icons in the daily life of present Crete.

We will also paint our own small icon under the supervision of a local icon painter, who has been working for a lot of churches and individual buyers in the area of Rethymno for years. You can choose the topic of your icon and use traditional materials like leave-gold layers. While painting you will understand the basics of icon painting. We will explain to you the different motives and perspectives, the use of colors and the power of certain icons.

We will also explore the important issue of icon restoration and look into problems and techniques. This is a great chance to be creative while exploring the world of the long-lived tradition of Icon Paintings.

Program of the seminar:
  • Day 1: Mr Litinas's workshop. Introduction to Iconography. Thematology, Materials used.
  • Day 2: Excursion to Byzantine churches
  • Day 3: Paint your own icon
  • Day 4: Paint your own icon
  • Day 5: Paint your own icon
  • Day 6: Paint your own icon
  • Day 7: Excursion to Byzantine churches
  • Day 8: Restoration, Conservation
  • Day 9: Restoration, Conservation
  • Day 10: Excursion to Byzantine Churches

Period 1 October 2002 until 12 October 2002
Price 580 €
Minimum number of participants 6
Seminar material Free
  1. Welcome dinner
  2. Farewell dinner
  3. Local transports in the frame of the project
Not Included Hotel, food & beverage

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