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Wall Painting- Frescoes
Architecture in Orthodox Religion and wall paintings of Byzantine Churches

The subject of this seminar will be the understanding of religious wall paintings in relation to Byzantine architecture. It will describe and give an insight into the history of the Greek Orthodox church and the principles of orthodox belief and at the same time it will explain the basics of the art of wall paintings as well as all issues relevant to their restoration and conservation. Excursions to selected churches and the visit to a restoration laboratory will be enlightening and the participants will understand the important role that the orthodox belief has played in everyday life.

The seminar leader will be Mr. Mihail Troullinos who is the head of the conservation sector in the 13th ephorea of byzantine antiquities. A theologist from the Mitropolis of Ierapetra, will also guide you into the true orthodox belief.

The program of the seminar:
  • Day 1: introduction to the orthodox church and the history of religious art
  • Day 2: visit to St. Nicolas Kiriakoselia church (typology)
  • Day 3: general issues about architecture, church building, monastical architecture, byzantine frescoes techniques
  • Day 4: wood temples, visit at Rethymno area churches, continuous church painting tradition
  • Day 5: excursion at Lampini, Spili
  • Day 6: excursion at Arkadi, Eleftherna (old christian)
  • Day 7-9: conservation laboratory- frescoes, decay, diagnosis, conservation
  • Day 10: festival

Period 5 August 2002 until 16 August 2002
Price 650 €
Minimum number of participants 6
Seminar material Free
  1. Welcome dinner
  2. Farewell dinner
  3. Local transports in the frame of the project
Not Included Hotel, food & beverage

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