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Lomo Photography on Crete

Take a Lomo and dive into the Cretan colours, smells, people, villages, mountains, dogs and cats, the exciting food, the sea, the warmth and the wind. The different Lomo Cameras will help you to survive when your poor senses reach their limits to get all this beauty.

In 10 days you will learn a lot about Lomography, about the Queen of the four lenses cameras: the SuperSampler, the funny ActionSampler and the good old Lomo Compact Automat. You will use them at day and night, under olive trees and underwater.

Above all you will learn something about you. And your way of seeing the world will change for sure. But most important: You will be on Crete. Lucky you! In a small group under highly professional guidance (Joachim Trapp, Lomographic Ambassador Berlin) you will take 5000 pictures which will be exhibited as a giant LomoWall at the end of the seminar.

This LomoWall will be one of the biggest Photo Exhibitions Greece has ever seen. And it will be an unforgettable experience for you to see 10 days of your feelings, emotions and memories presented to the world as an enormous, colourful and surprising mosaic. (Not to mention the opening party in the best club of Rethymno).

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Seminar Program:

  • Day 1: Short Introduction (History, background and technical information. The 'Ten golden rules of Lomography') and first Lomographic expedition: 'The A-Z Rethimno Challenge'
  • Day 2: Admiring and analysing our first Lomographies, developed overnight. Second Lomographic expedition: Rethimno at night.
  • Day 3: Admiring and analysing our Ouzo Lomographies, developed overnight. Third Lomographic expedition: the market
  • Day 4: ActionSampler Day
  • Day 5: SuperSampler Day
  • Day 6: Underwater Lomography
  • Day 7: Fourth Lomographic Expedition: The island by bus
  • Day 8: Building the LomoWall
  • Day 9: Building the LomoWall
  • Day 10: Opening the exhibition and being proud as hell.

Period 7 October 2002 until 17 October
Price 650 €
Minimum number of participants 6
Seminar material Free
  1. Welcome dinner
  2. Farewell dinner
  3. Local transports in the frame of the project
Not Included Hotel, food & beverage

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