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Terms of booking

Please read the reservation terms carefully. If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact us.

Your online reservation has to be followed by a 50% payment of the seminar fee within a week, which will guarantee a place for you in your chosen seminar. As soon as we receive your booking and payment we will confirm in writing the details of your acceptance. The other 50% has to be paid on arrival.

Payment methods:

  • Deposit, (to PDM Hellas Bank Account): Commercial Bank of Greece, account number: 709/83827955
    Attention: please remember to send us a fax with the receipt of your deposit.

  • Cheque: written to PDM Hellas A.E.

We will confirm that your seminar will take place on the announced dates at least 4 weeks before it starts (if not announced differently). In case you decide to cancel your booking the cancellation fees are as follows:
  1. 4 - 3 weeks before seminar starts: 50% of the seminar fee
  2. 2 weeks and less before the seminar starts: 100% of the seminar fee

Seminars will take place if there are more than 5 participants. If a seminar is cancelled, you will get back your already paid seminar fees immediately. There is no possibility of having extra compensation for unrealised seminars.

PDM Hellas reserves the right to make small amendments on the program of a seminar, always within the framework of the seminar itself.

PDM Hellas has no responsibility regarding the health and valuables of the participants, nevertheless we will provide as much help and support as needed to resolve any problems. We encourage you to take a travel insurance policy from your country.

The venue is Rethymno, Greece.

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Archaeological Seminar (14/10/02 - 1/11/02, 650 €) Proposed Dates
Iconography (1/10/02 - 12/10/02, 580 €) Proposed Dates
Lomo Photography (7/10/02 - 17/10/02, 650 €) Proposed Dates
Walking through cretan culture (on-going, 600 €) Proposed Dates
Trekking in west Crete (14/10/02 - 25/10/02, 990 €) Proposed Dates
Pottery (14/10/02 - 25/10/02, 650 €) Proposed Dates
Wall Painting (5/8/02 - 16/8/02, 650 €) Proposed Dates
A journey through cretan music (general level) (on going, 650 €) Proposed Dates
A journey through cretan music - Laouto or Lyra (for musicians) (on going, 650 €) Proposed Dates
Sailing in Crete (Acquaintance with sailing) (on going, 600 €, 5 days Proposed Dates
Sailing in Crete (Offshore Sailing Certificate) (on going, 980 €, 2 weeks Proposed Dates
Extras Car or motorbike rental
Hotel booking
Children care
Extra tranportation
Extra cultural events
Extra excursions
Greek language course
Full name Mr. Mrs.
# of persons Adults


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